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ConfettiZooka™ Handheld CO2 Confetti Cannon

$599.00 $425.00

Order the mobile CO2 confetti cannon ConfettiZooka™ and blast pounds of tissue and mylar confetti. Use Co2 siphon to create a Co2 cryo cannon or Co2 fogger

Product Description

Do you need a new level of interaction between performers and audience at your shows or venues?  Be one of the first to own this brand new handheld mobile confetti cannon.  The Confetti-zooka™ has a 4 inch by 30 inch barrel capable of holding approximately 3-4 lbs of tissue and 4-5 lbs of mylar confetti, and it can even shoot streamers.  Includes a forward hand grip and single point shoulder strap for increased mobility.  You can be completely mobile when used with our backpack kit and 4 foot hose.  Also doubles as a huge handheld co2 cryo gun when used with a siphon co2 tank. Call today or click below to add this exciting product to your inventory.  12 month warranty included

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 5 x 7 in

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