Fog & Smoke Machines

Fog machines, haze and mist machines, and smoke machines are staples in the event industry. Atlas Special FX offers some of the most dependable fog makers and smoke generators on the market today. Our TV and movie-grade low lying fog machines are ideal for creating low lying fog, cold fog, haze, or simply filling a space with a smoke effect. Our CO2 and dry ice fog machines and CO2 smoke machines that are for sale, are quality and reliable products. Add that low fog and dry ice fog effect to your gathering with any of our quality dry ice fog machines!

Our hazer machines and fogger machines are also used for fire fighter training. Additionally, our multiple lines of theatrical smoke machine fluids, fog machine fluids, and fog juices can be customized for the perfect amount of fog that you need. Atlas Special FX has a multitude of fog machines for sale, as well as smoke machines and accessories for sale. Whether you need a fogging machine, smoke machine or hazer, we have plenty of equipment for sale to create the desired effect for your next event. Speak to our expert staff about our CO2 fog machines, portable fog machines, and other smoke effect machines so we can help you find the best fit for you. Purchase your next fog machine with Atlas Special FX today!

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