CO2 Cryo Jets & Dry Ice Blasting Machines for Sale

Do you need to cool down your nightclub or make a grand entrance for the entertainer at your next event? To create brilliant CO2 cryo special effects, CO2 cryo jets are the answer! They allow you to blast super cold CO2 fog that provides a stunning visual stage effect and will drop the dance floor temperature approximately 15-20 degrees in seconds.

Atlas Special FX manufactures one of the world’s most trusted CO2 cryo jets in the industry. Constructed with the finest, most dependable machine components available, and protected by a sleek powder coated steel casing, Atlas Special FX’s cryo blasters are designed to perform flawlessly for years to come. We stand behind our CO2 blasters with an outstanding 12-month warranty against manufacturer defects.

Each of our CO2 fog cryo jet systems are made in the U.S. and backed by an unmatched warranty and customer service experience. We specialize in CO2 cryo system manufacturing, consulting, and installing. Our CO2 cryo jets, guns, cannons and blasters are currently distributed in over 40 countries and growing every day. Thank you for trusting us to provide you with the best CO2 jets, CO2 blasters and ice blasting products in the U.S.

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