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Atlas Special FX Rental Department rents stage production, party, and theatrical atmospheric special effects professional equipment at the lowest prices in the entertainment industry. We offer quality CO2 cryo smoke cannons and jets, handheld CO2 cryo guns, CO2 cryo confetti cannons, fake snow special effects machines, fog machines, foam machines, bubble machines, UV paint party equipment, and 3D cloud logo machines for mass advertising your business or non-profit.

Our special effects equipment and party effects products let you create your own atmospheric special effects like theatrical smoke, fog, snow, bubbles, foam, paint fire and many more fun party effects and visual special effects! Rent your special effects and party equipment from Atlas Special FX rental department today and start entertaining your party crowd like the professional entertainers do! It really is more affordable than ever to rent your own special effects machines and accessories through us.

Rental Program

We are proud to provide you with the highest quality equipment at the most affordable prices, and our rentals are available to all 50 states with our aggressively low shipping rates. Our rental program is designed to ensure you have your special effects and party equipment on time, by delivering at least 1 business day prior to your party or event. You can keep the equipment during the agreed rental period, before needing to return it within one business day after your event or party.

Please note, even if your office considers a day a non-business day, we go by the holiday schedule of FedEx so please check with your local FedEx to ensure you do not miss a shipping day and incur a late fee for non-return or your special effects rental.

All special effects stage equipment rentals placed on this site are subject to availability. Please be sure to include the date of your party or corporate event so that we may serve you better. Additionally, we urge you to call our friendly, knowledgeable staff to answer any questions you may have regarding the rental process. To learn more or reserve one of our products, please call 1-888-631-4442 and key #1 for sales.

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