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CO2 Safety Tips

To our knowledge there are currently no special permits needed for CO2 special effects installs, nor have we ever been informed of any asphyxiation emergencies, deaths, or any person being affected by the use of CO2 jets, guns, foggers, or paint cannons being used for special effects purposes. We are simply offering these tips to ensure safe operation of our CO2 products.

If you have questions please call direct 888-631-4442

By ordering a CO2 product from Atlas Special FX, all parties agree the purchaser has done their own research and determined that the special effects produced by CO2 or liquid CO2 are safe for their intended use. The purchaser has also been instructed and agrees they are comfortable with the safe operation of their newly purchased CO2 products. Below are some additional safety guidelines that can assist you in making a decision to utilize CO2 effects.

The following are a few tips to follow for safe practice when using CO2 special effects products:

  1. Always install your CO2 jet or use your CO2 gun at a distance further than approximately 5 feet from any person in the direct line of fire
  2. Never shoot CO2 fog directly at someone or into someones face for any extended period of time as it will displace ambient breathing air and can cause asphyxiation
  3. Train your employees or any person who will be operating the CO2 equipment to use proper techniques and always know how to shut the tank off in case of an emergency.
  4. Do not allow any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol operate equipment
  5. Utilize an emergency shut off instruction sheet and place near the CO2 tank.
  6. Install or purchase from an approved supplier a manual shut off valve and install it in an easily accessible area in case of an emergency
  7. CO2 blasts should be used sparingly and spaced out as follows:
    • CO2 blast should be approximately 3-5 seconds, or less in duration
    • CO2 blasts should be no closer together than 15-30 minutes apart
    • CO2 should be used in areas with proper ventilation and air circulation
    • Do not use in small locations with no ventilation
    • If you notice any particles coming out of the system during operation, stop use and send in for maintenance
  8. Atlas Special FX always recommends the use of a CO2/O2 safety monitor.

DISCLAIMER: Atlas Special FX, its owners, managers, members, relatives, employees, and associates are hereby released from liability and cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from misuse of CO2 products. All CO2 products are listed for special effects purposes only and should be used only by professionals, or those who fully understand the proper operation and any potential dangers associated with the use of CO2. Any other use other than what is specified is prohibited and can potentially cause harm to others by asphyxiation when improperly used. Please read the guidelines below and MSDS attached to ensure a safer environment when utilizing liquid CO2 as a special effect. Always seek training on proper operation of the CO2 equipment before using in a public environment.  To order CO2 or with order specific questions please contact www.CO2Masters.com.
Co2 MSDS Sheet From Airgas

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