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About Atlas Special FX

Who is Atlas Special FX?

Atlas Special FX focuses on creating unique event experiences through a combination of proprietary and patent pending niche technology.

Sure our 50+ years of combined entertainment experiences help with the everyday needs of live entertainment, but our cutting edge special effects equipment are what separate us from the field.

Our company has always focused on customer satisfaction and affordability, without sacrificing quality. We have used this model and grown from one snow machine, in a garage, now to an inventory network and customer base that spans the globe.

Atlas special Fx has offices in Atlanta, BiloxiDallasDenver, Orlando, Nashville, St Louis,  Tampa, and Jamaica. The recent expansion brings our exciting equipment to local markets reducing shipping expenses for our clients.

Atlas Special FX is unique in the fact that it has a strategic partnership with a manufacturing arm based in Atlanta, as well as a chemical company and CO2 specialty gas provider. What does this mean for our customers? For starters, this means Atlas Special FX can take your ideas and custom design unique products, props and stages.

Even more importantly, it means our company can service your event needs from conception to the cleanup.



Broker a deal for your company conferences, match you up with accommodations, and handle marketing



Manage services like catering, stage, light, sound, & entertainment


WOW Factor

World-class creative special effects including pyrotechnics & interactive elements


Final Stages

Video production, cleanup…and more.

Our creative think tank can take average entertainment and make them interactive experiential events not soon forgotten.


Meet the Team

Atlas Special FX Is As Unique As It Gets: We encourage you to read about, and get to know each one of our experienced team members.  We’ve assembled an experienced team that will provide you detailed information about atmospheric special effects, and how these effects can be tailored to enhance your show.   Thanks so much for considering our company to handle your event production needs.  We certainly do appreciate your business.

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